The Law Firm of William G. Schur receives matters from lawyers and clients across the country and around the world. I  respond quickly and thoroughly to the needs of out-of-town counsel and clients, and am the counsel of choice for many law firms whose clients have commercial collection problems in Illinois and around the world.

Through a network of North American and European attorneys, I service clients across the United States, Canada, the EU and around the world.

As a sole practitioner, I am acutely aware of the need to listen to every one of my clients. My clients know that I will return their phone calls promptly, answer their questions intelligently and pursue their matters vigorously. I take no client for granted and never ignore a client’s concerns. I can only succeed if my clients are satisfied. While I cannot guarantee the results of my efforts, I can certainly guarantee that each client will receive my best efforts.

My work comes from fellow attorneys across North America and Europe, referrals from satisfied clients and collection agencies. I personally answer their phone calls, prepare their pleadings and litigate their cases. My clients receive my best efforts whether their matters are contingent fee or hourly.